Jason Weeks

Sales Project Manager

At Watertight Roofing Services, we take immense pride in the unparalleled expertise that Jason Weeks, our Sales Project Manager, brings to our team and customers. With over two decades of seasoned experience in the construction sector, Jason's approach is fundamentally client-focused, ensuring that our roofing solutions not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations - every time.

His profound knowledge of the roofing and construction industry allows him to craft solutions that are uniquely tailored to the needs of each customer, harnessing the full potential of our company's capabilities. Jason's mastery in efficiently managing multiple projects without sacrificing quality or timelines significantly elevates the level of trust and satisfaction our customers have in us.

His professional and responsive communication style means that no customer is ever left in the dark; Jason excels in making intricate roofing processes understandable, ensuring a transparent and collaborative project journey. His proactive nature in foreseeing and addressing challenges ensures that every project is streamlined for efficiency and quality.

Jason's unwavering commitment to maintaining stringent safety and quality standards is a testament to the values we hold dear at here at Watertight Roofing. His ability to extend his project management expertise to provide exceptional customer service is anchored in a deep understanding of the roofing industry and hands-on experience.

Customers trust in Jason and, by extension, Watertight Roofing, for solutions that are not only reliable and customized but also managed and communicated with clarity and foresight. His dedication to excellence in client service is why he stands out as our trusted Sales Project Manager, embodying the very essence of what we stand for here at Watertight Roofing Services, LLC.

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